Friday, April 9, 2010

Zoids Blade Liger Liger Paper Model Stage 3

Shape 3d zoids Liger was done, but there is a problem when applied to the pattern.

It turns out the cockpit of a pattern when designing in sketchup, forced to create new patterns, but remained essentially taking away from the old pattern.

For my size is still in doubt, what will be for the Command Wolf what larger.

Because the plastic model kit was the size of larger Liger, Command Wolf when the size of 15cm to 20cm tall Liger can be more than 20cm and it was too big for me.

Maybe I will not wear the Command Wolf scale for Liger, Zoids and later models that I make will be using the scale Liger.

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  1. Bang boleh minta file yg 3d
    Kalo boleh kirim ke